Two free-to-play games, Sector’s Edge and Neon Ball, leaving Steam

Two free-to-play games, Sector’s Edge and Neon Ball, leaving Steam

Sector’s Edge, which is still in Early Access, is leaving Steam on December 17th, 2023, and Neon Ball is leaving Steam on an unannounced date. The developers of Sector’s Edge penned:

This is the last update and Sector’s Edge will shut down on December 17th. This update contains everything we’ve been working on over the past 10 months. Scroll down to read about new features like forcefields, Rush game mode, new destruction system, engine breakthroughs and much more.

Simon and I started this game 6 years ago with the intention of making an awesome online multiplayer FPS. It’s clear to us now that we bit off more than we could chew.

In hindsight creating an online FPS was a massive task and not the best choice for our first game. I am proud of what we created together and the skills we honed along the way, but we can’t run this game on hopes and dreams forever. It’s time we moved on to new projects.

Thank you for playing and supporting Sector’s Edge. I know of communities and friendships that were built around this game and we are honoured that Sector’s Edge became a part of your lives.

Sector’s Edge Steam news – September 16th, 2023

The folks behind Neon Ball wrote:

Greetings from the entire NeonBall development team.

We wanted to announce that NeonBall is going to be removed from the Steam store (Don’t worry if you already have it in your library you can still play it).

This is due to Unity’s new abusive policies towards developers and is something we don’t want to support, we hope Unity thinks about their new policies as the only thing they get is to annoy indie developers with great ideas.

Also Neonball stopped having support years ago, the team separated and each one is working on a different and much bigger thing with better equipment. NeonBall was a test of our beginnings as developers that we wanted to offer free to everyone and we are very proud of what we achieved. We hope you enjoyed it and sorry for all the bugs it probably had hahaha.

A pleasure and we say goodbye one last time as a team to everyone. Keep playing and remember to say goodbye to Unity.

Neon Ball Steam news – September 12th, 2023

Thanks for the submissions, HandMaskTar. We’ll add Sector’s Edge to the Watch List (and Neon Ball if we get a date) and get game entries opened.