The Cycle: Frontier – Sunset Announcement

The Cycle: Frontier – Sunset Announcement

The developers at YAGER announced the closure of their free-to-play shooter The Cycle: Frontier for September 27, 2023. As of this news posting, this is the only game published on Steam by YAGER.

Greetings, Prospectors.

Today we sadly have to deliver difficult news that we are sharing with a rather heavy heart.

Despite our best efforts and meaningful improvements brought to the game since launch and up until the release of Season 3, the reality is that The Cycle: Frontier is unfortunately not financially viable.

This brings us to the heartbreaking announcement: The Cycle: Frontier will be sunset on September 27, 2023.

This is a very hard decision for us, but after debating it for a long while, we had to accept this is the best course of action for YAGER.

You will find additional details on our reasoning, changes to monetization, and all the upcoming steps towards the sunset in this announcement.

Steam Blog – June 28, 2023

This news is accompanied by an official FAQ. More information can be found on the game’s official page here. Interesting is that the game is already showing as “Unavailable” on the Epic Games Store.

A game page will be added, and the Watch List is updated.