The Caligula Effect

The Caligula Effect

Digital ReleasePlayStation Vita
June 23, 2016 (JP)
May 02, 2017 (NA)
May 09, 2017 (EU)
DelistingJune 2021 (EU, NA)
PublisherAtlus (EU, NA)
FuRyu (JP)
Available OnDigital
PlayStation Vita (JP)

PlayStation Vita (JP)
LinksAtlus game page


The Caligula Effect was delisted on PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe no later than June 2021. The game was delisted due to expired publishing agreements between developer Aquaria and Atlus. The original game remains available digitally and physically in Japan, while the enhanced Overdose release is available worldwide on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

About the Game

Imagine re-living your high school days as if everything was perfect. Everything seems great until you find out that you’re stuck in a virtual world repeating those days until the end of time. Would you try to escape?

Join a group of students as they escape from a digital world created by an out-of-control virtual idol. Help liberate over 500 NPCs forced to live the same days of their lives repeatedly.

Featuring a story written by Persona veteran Tadashi Satomi, The Caligula Effect will have you question “reality” as you try to escape a place that you originally thought was home.

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