Rise of Incarnates

Rise of Incarnates

Digital ReleaseSteam
July 01, 2015
DelistingDecember 15, 2015 – Server Shutdown
DeveloperBandai Namco Studios
PublisherBandai NAMCO
Available OnNone
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Bandai NAMCO announced on October 14, 2015 that Rise of Incarnates would be shut down on December 15th that year. Sales of the in-game currency IP ceased on the day of the announcement, and all characters and most items were made free for the rest of the game’s lifespan.

Thank you for using “RISE OF INCARNATES.”
We must regretfully inform all users of the closure of “RISE OF INCARNATES.” We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this game . We will be keeping the servers open until December 15, 2015, so please continue to enjoy “RISE OF INCARNATES” until the very end.

The service closure schedule is as follows:
-October 14, 2015: IP will no longer be available for purchase
-December 15, 2015: Last day to play.

*”IP” already purchased may be used until the very last day, so if you have “IP” in your account, please use it before December 15, 2015.
*The dates and times given above may be changed without prior notice and may vary depending on your region.

Please continue to enjoy “RISE OF INCARNATES” over the time remaining until service closure.
Should there be any further updates, we will provide notice via this page or the application’s operating information.

[Important] Notice of Termination of Sales of “IP”

Thank you for using “RISE OF INCARNATES”.
In accordance with the service closure schedule, “IP” is no longer available for purchase as of today, Octoberber 14, 2015.
“IP” already purchased may be used until the very last day, so if you have IP in your account, please use them before December 15, 2015.
Please continue to enjoy “RISE OF INCARNATES” over the time remaining until service closure.

All Characters Going Free

As noted above, now that “RISE OF INCARNATES” is coming to an end, starting on October 14, 2015, all characters will be free to play until service concludes.

Across The Board Price Reduction On All Items (Including Some Going Free)
With “RISE OF INCARNATES” coming to an end, starting on October 14, 2015, all customize items, boost items, and other such paid items will be reduced in price, with some going down to free, until service concludes.

Rise of Incarnates – Steam Community Post

Rise of Incarnates was most likely shutdown due to very low player counts; launching to 1,602 players before dropping to 215 by the end of its first month. The game remained available to download for some time after the server closure but was removed by early 2016.

About the Game

Two Rise As A Legend

Forged by Bandai Namco, veterans in action games, Rise of Incarnates teams people up and inspires them to fight for each other. In a shattered timeline, a disembodied galactic intellect brings super-powered champions together to fight two-by-two and determine the fate of the universe. No duo has yet proven to be apart from the rest, and until one does, the fight goes on.
In the desolation of what used to be Earth’s most iconic cities, teams of champions advance on each other in 2×2 formations, covering the vulnerabilities of their partners and combining their might to smash vulnerable champions who have strayed from their comrade’s side.
Each champion can Awaken the power of mythical gods to augment their value to their team. Ares, Lilith, Mephistopheles, Grim Reaper, and more scar the battlefield with their untold might.
In such a world of Awakening with threats from all quarters, a ravaged landscape and lethal symbiotic teams, the only cause left to fight for is each other.

A free-to-play action game blending fighting and shooting in a 2v2 battle arena. Feel a rush of power as you awaken latent character abilities and string together combos, all while working strategically with your partner to dominate opponents.

2v2 Strategy – Use the strengths of your partners while covering each other’s weaknesses. Add a new dimension to 3D battle by using the unique skills of each champion to support or amplify the strengths of your partner.

Awakening – Summon a deity or transform into one – all champions are imbued with the power of a god! Your champion is a team of its own. The power of each champion is two-fold greater than other games.

Tag Combos – The power of two champions are more than the mere sum of their parts. Dominate your foes with power and style that can only be achieved through strong partnership. Find a foe that has left their comrade to secure victory.

Team Life Pool –A shared health resource adds a unique layer of strategy to gameplay. Help your partner survive while you develop the most effective strategy together to quickly deplete your opponent team’s life resource.

Simple Controls with Depth of Gameplay –Simple and standard controls across all characters allow you to concentrate on 2v2 strategy. Focus on timing, positioning, developing strategies with your partner, and making full use of the unique abilities of your chosen characters.