Project Downfall

Project Downfall

Digital ReleasePC (Steam,
December 01, 2022

Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
February 02, 2024 (AU, EU, JP, NA)
DelistingFebruary 09, 2024 – Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
February 23, 2024 – Steam
February 26, 2024 –
DeveloperMGP Studios
PublisherMGP Studios (PC)
RedDeerGames (Consoles)
Available OnNone
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Project Downfall was delisted from the Nintendo eShop and the Xbox Store on February 9th, 2024, after just a week of availability. The Steam and GOG releases would eventually follow on the 23rd and the 26th of February, respectively. When asked for comment by TrueAchievements user Escaflowne01, the game’s console publisher RedDeerGames replied:


We just wanted to let you know that we’re aware that Project Downfall has become temporarily unavailable on digital distribution platforms. The reason behind this is that some key important changes have to go under review and recertification.

Right now, our top priorities are updating the game so that it can become available as soon as possible in digital stores again. The process shall not impact players who have already purchased the game. In case of any issues – let us know.”

So hopefully the game will be back in the near future.

Project Downfall – Removed from sale in Europe.

While unspecified in this email, it’s likely that this recertification was prompted by the player character’s close resemblance to John Wick in appearance. It is to be assumed that a re-release of the game will result in a redesign of the player character in-game and in promotional artwork.

About the Game



Project Downfall is not a boomer shooter. Check the demo to see how the action plays and flows or check the games Discord which is full of clips with insane combos and cool encounters sent in by the community.


The world we have known is coming to an end. The European Union is in disarray, with a new superpower emerging on the horizon: The Novorussian Federation, which already welcomed new members such as Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland.

Enter the first mega-city of Europe: Crimson Tide. The free city of Crimson Tide(the representative free city of this New World Order, showing that both systems can co-exist in harmony, forging a better future for its citizens) was raised as the representative pinnacle of humanity’s achievements on the border of Germany and Poland, in agreement to respect the sovereignty of both the EU/Transatlantic States and Novorussian Federation. But, as history has taught us, this is true only in theory….

Governing parties are not political but rather economical, pointing to a new direction of leading nations. Gone are the days of political parties, replaced by voting with your wallet for the corporate entity which provides everyday life with the highest benefits. Leading corporate entities deal most of the cards, keeping its citizens in check with mandatory medication.

Somewhere in the city, in the Lakk District, a regular middle class citizen is about to start another routine day…


An overdose of reality can have dire consequences…

Project Downfall (PDF for short) is a pill poppin’ first person adventure with semi-tactical in your face combat and unique perks and quirks.

You start in your apartment getting ready for another routine day at the office and your adventure starts from there. The storyline will progress with completion of main missions and branch out depending on various factors (chosen path, mental state, specific choice/interaction/pickup/etc).

You are a regular, middle class citizen. By day, leading your ordinary, rinse-repeat corpo-routine life, with your lovely girlfriend Olga by your side, a well paid job and crib with an amazing view. What more could a guy want?

Yet you feel privileged and as a true socialist you feel you need to give something back…

…By night, you give your contribution to society as a self-proclaimed dealer of justice, dispatching all sorts of scum with extreme prejudice… Or, at least that is what you think…

  • Unique blend of action and adventure, where you are given the freedom to discover the plot at your own pace(or not) and come to your own conclusions.
  • A unorthodox semi-tactical shooter with superpowers, where reflexes, environmental awareness and quick thinking count. Encounters play more like fast paced puzzles with lethal consequences. Both you and the enemies go down real fast. You’ll need to make best use of the games unique combat mechanics (such as the pills, superkick, slammer, adrenline slide/jump and more) for the most stylish and fun outcomes.
  • A dynamic and fitting Original Soundtrack which adapts to what’s going on on-screen
  • Non linear progression. Certain scenes will play out differently depending on your choices and state of mind, or maybe even will reveal alternate levels, routes to your goal
  • Cannon fodder
  • Trippy visuals
  • Sanity system. The world will react to the players self-medication threshold in varied ways throughout the games timeline.
  • No health regen
  • Actually no way of replenishing your health at all
  • Lots of alternative events, possibilities, routes and more, leading you to one of the 12 endings.
  • Combo kill and style system
  • The Superkick
  • lots of fun ways of dispatching your foes
  • Leaderboards
  • Freeroam hub which expands with the games timeline offering new opportunities