Digital ReleaseSteam
December 25, 2020

PC (Microsoft Store)
June 17, 2022

Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
June 17, 2022 (AU, EU, JP, NA)

PlayStation 4
June 24, 2022 (NA)
DelistingJune 30, 2023 – PC (MS Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
MP2 Games (Consoles)
Available OnDigital
Nintendo Switch (AU, EU, JP, NA)
PlayStation 4 (NA)

Nintendo Switch (EU, NA)
PlayStation 4 (NA) page
OMORI homepage
SteamDB page


Omori was delisted from the Microsoft Store on June 30th, 2023, after it was removed from Xbox Game Pass. The reason for the game’s platform specific delisting is unknown. One possibility for its delisting is that Omocat’s publishing license with Microsoft expired after Omori was removed from Xbox Game Pass, and has yet to be renewed.

About the Game

Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. Navigate through the vibrant and the mundane in order to uncover a forgotten past. When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate… and perhaps the fate of others as well.

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