No Gravity: The Plague of Mind

No Gravity: The Plague of Mind

Digital ReleasePlayStation Portable
February 25, 2009 (NA)
March 05, 2009 (EU, JP)
DelistingApril 24 – May 05, 2021
DeveloperRealtech VR
Available OnSee Below
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Anozor homepage
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No Gravity: The Plague of Mind was delisted from the PlayStation Store between April 24th and May 5th, 2021, according to a submission by Delisted Games reader mockturtle. No Gravity for PSP was publisher Anozor’s only release, and the game was likely delisted due to them ceasing operations.

A version of the game remains available on the Microsoft Store as of October 2023. This version of the game was previously available on iOS, Android and OUYA, but are now delisted.

About the Game

In a distant future, a mysterious mind disease is spreading and the road to the cure lies somewhere in the depths of space. Choose between the best pilots and complete a wide range of missions in this fast paced 3D space shooter.
Save humanity by a number of means such as: destroying enemy ships or their bases, escorting allied ships, retrieving cargos, defending convoys from pirates, raiding ground bases, clearing mine fields and infiltrating planets…

Key Features:

  • Full frame rate, massive explosions and massive damages!
  • First or third person views.
  • 5 characters and 5 space ships. Each space ship available in 4 different ship paint colours.
  • 6 different weapons.
  • 31 levels.
  • 2 difficulty modes.
  • Reward system to unlock new paints, artworks, etc.
  • Available in 6 different languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish).

Thanks to mockturtle for submitting this game to the site