Neon Exile

Neon Exile

Digital ReleaseSteam
August 06, 2019
DelistingSeptember 30, 2022
DeveloperMythical City Games
PublisherMythical City Games
Available OnNone
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Mythical City Games announced on September 23rd, 2022 that Neon Exile would be shut down and removed from sale due to “factors beyond our control” on September 30th. The cause seems most likely tied to the shutdown of GameSparks online services which went offline on the same day. The team was reportedly unable to transition the backend infrastructure from GameSparks to a contemporary service.

Unfortunately due to factors beyond our control, the server technology we are using is no longer available for us to use in Neon Exile and since the game is so tightly integrated into this server technology we are not currently in a position to change the backend to a different provider. We have therefore taken the difficult decision to shut down the early access and sales of Neon Exile. The game will be removed from sale on September 30th 2022 and the servers will no longer operate.

If you own the game, you will be able to continue playing the single player training courses, but there will be no online access or multiplayer.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and enjoyed the early access phase of our game. We greatly appreciate all of your help and hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into the future of massively multiplayer VR experiences.

Hopefully at some point in the future we will be able to revive Neon Exile in some form.

Thank you again.

Mythical City Games Announcement – September 23, 2022

About the Game

Build, climb, explore and fight back against a robotic threat in an open-world persistent MMO created from the ground up for VR. This is the world of Neon Exile, a world where your actions matter because anything you build, craft or even drop, will persist in a single shared multiplayer instance of this groundbreaking dystopian world.

Will you explore the wasteland in search of enemy bases or will you stay back to defend your base from attacks? Will you collect valuable resources or will you build structures to expand your territory? In Neon Exile you choose your own path, whether you want to join a team or play by yourself, the live simulation will always be there, shaped by the players.

Early Access
The initial early access release of Neon Exile will be a slice of the game to showcase the mechanics, multiplayer systems and a taste of the environment. We are focusing on the building mechanics and the multiplayer technology before diving too far into content at this stage. As the multiplayer server backend is key to the growth of Neon Exile, this will be the most important system to build a good foundation. We will start small with a limited concurrent player count and expand as we iron out issues and develop server stability.

  • Climb and leap across the world in dynamic and immersive VR locomotion
  • Produce construction materials and build complex structures alone or with other players
  • Collect resources by destroying enemies or locating resource scrap piles
  • Explore the wasteland and locate the VERMIN robotic threat
  • Fight against AI enemies and protect your bases
  • Fight against other players in a PVP combat zone

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