Minimon 3D

Minimon 3D

Digital ReleaseSteam
March 25, 2015
DelistingFebruary 06, 2023 – Steam
DeveloperLunar Labs
PublisherLunar Labs
Available OnNone
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Minimon was delisted from Steam on February 06, 2023. Two days later, developer Lunar Labs posted the following message on the game’s Steam Community page explaining the game’s removal:

Why it was removed?
Hi guys, as many of you noticed, Minimon3D was recently removed from sale.

This happened due to me requesting it to Valve, and the reason behind it was that Minimon3D is built on a 10 year old custom 3d engine that is slowly becoming incompatible with modern hardware. Due to this, many new players were buying the game and finding out that it was constantly crashing or not even starting, and this lead to lots of refunds and support that I can’t provide. And because of this the bad reviews for the game have been accumulating.

While I’ve been occasionally providing small updates, in 2023 the tech used for this game is so old that even the building tools itself barely work in modern OS.

Why so fast?
Why the game was de-listed without giving people some time to buy it?
Well, I wanted to avoid people rushing to buy the game and then getting disappointed by finding out that it did not work on their computer.

Thank you for understanding, and I will also remember you all that I’ve been working on a full remake of the game, this time in 2D but using modern engine (Unity).

What about the future of Minimon?
Two Minimon games existed, this Minimon3D for Steam and also a previous 2d game that was released for iOS almost 10 years ago. Both games were based on the same engine, and thus share similar data files etc, I built some tools to extract the data into Unity so that I could rebuild the games faster.

While it is possible that in the future this specific game returns to Steam in some way, right now my main focus is to deliver the remakes.

What about those remakes?
I am planning to offer the 2D remake of Minimon3D for free for all Steam users that already own Minimon3D. The remakes won’t be early access games, instead they will be full releases, with more polish and testing than this game, as I matured a lot as developer in those last years.

Regarding the other remake of the original game, it will be a separate release, although I will offer a way for both game to communicate with each other. Each game will also contain some exclusive monsters, and both games will have a completely different story and region to explore.

Minimon3D removed from sale! – Steam Community post

Versions of Minimon 3D were previously available on mobile devices and the OUYA. These versions are also no longer available.

About the Game

Start an adventure in a world full of monster hunters!
Plagued by a strange disease, the continent of Chroma is in panic, and a strange turn of events will turn you – a small kid – into a powerful monster hunter, capable of tame even Ulmaxia, the dragon king!

Customize your own monster hunter with tons of clothes, weapons and skills!
More than 300 different monsters to train!
Play either offline single player, local multiplayer via split-screen or online with up to 500 players per server!
Tons of quests, secrets, and unlockable stuff!