Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot

Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot

Digital ReleasePlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3
July 13, 2011 (EU)
August 16, 2011 (NA)
DelistingNo later than June 18, 2015 (NA)
DeveloperThe Bearded Ladies
PublisherAyeware AB
Available OnPlayStation 3, PSP (EU)
LinksPlayStation Blog


The PlayStation minis release, Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot has been delisted from the North American PlayStation Store no later than June 18th, 2015, accoding to a board post from NeoGAF. The reason for the delisting is unknown, as no other Ayeware AB titles have been delisted in North America. Legend of Robot remains available on the European PlayStation Store as of 2023.

About the Game

A partial archive of design discussions for Legend of Robot can be found here.

Legend of Robot is something very special. It is the product of the Gamocracy project, in which The Bearded Ladies invited the PlayStation® community forum members to design a game. The result is an awesome platformer with some very unique game mechanics and colorful characters.

In true Gamocracy spirit here is the salespitch from one of the forum members :

Have you ever considered what it’d be like to throw your own head off and use it as a platform or weapon? How about turning your arms into energy canons and magnets? In Legend of Robot you can do all of these things!

It’s evident that some of you DO think about these things, because you– the best and brightest of the community, designed it!

  • Vincent Pavey

Download this unique game now and keep on the lookout for future gamocracy projects for your chance to design a game!