Digital ReleasePlayStation 4
May 3, 2018

August 9, 2018
DelistingAugust 8, 2021 - Steam
Available OnAs Deiland
PlayStation 4

As Deiland: Pocket Planet
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
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Deiland was delisted from Steam on August 8, 2021. Developer Chibig announced on the same day that Deiland would be retired ahead of a planned remaster of the game.

Hello, Dreamers!

We would like to announce that we will be retiring Deiland off Steam store due to the planned remastering of the game, which will get its own Steam page.

This will not affect those players who have already received a copy of the game as they will still be able to access it from their Steam Library, unlock achievements, etc. The Deiland Steam Community page will remain accessible for players to post and share content on. The game’s store page will also remain accessible but will be removed from all current listings.

Note that newcomers will not be able to purchase the game since its store page won’t be around anymore.

We thank you all for playing Deiland and supporting the project! Keep an eye out for updates on the 101XP and Chibig studio Steam pages as we have new things coming very soon!

– Chibig

The game was relaunched on Steam on December 15, 2021 as Deiland: Pocket Planet, following the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions, released on April 15, 2021 and December 1, 2021 respectively. As of May 2022, the original version of Deiland remains available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

About the Game

A long time ago, when the universe was young, children were sent to Minor Planets. Their mission was to awaken the magic of the Crystals kept within the planet’s interior.
This is the story of Arco, the youngest of these children who lives on the smallest planet, Deiland. The tiniest of them all.

Deiland is an adventure game that combines RPG and sandbox mechanics. Its simple calm appearance is the result of the effort put into its creation. It seeks to surprise players with small details and an interesting storyline and appealing characters. Deiland planet is our home, and living on this small place will be a unique experience for every player.

But it isn’t all peace and tranquility on Deiland. A shadow wonders in the absolute darkness of the universe. The shadow speaks through dreams to evil creatures pressing them in to its service, with the sole objective of finding children and their planets and to rob them of their power of the Crystal and subdue them.