Dashing Dinos

Dashing Dinos

Digital ReleasePC, Steam
October 26, 2016
DelistingFebruary 07, 2023 – Steam
DeveloperLost Mountain
PublisherLost Mountain
Available OnNone
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Dashing Dinos was delisted from Steam on February 7, 2023. Developer Lost Mountain announced on their Steam News feed that day that the delisting was due to the closure of their studio. Lost Mountain’s full post follows:

Dear Community,

it saddens us to announce that Dashing Dinos will be taken off the store permanently. Unfortunately Lost Mountain as a company is dissolving, and thus we are forced to take Dashing Dinos off the store as well.
We would have loved to someday release another patch or remake the game into Dashing Dinos 2, but sadly life had a different plan for us.

Thank you everyone for playing our wonderful game!


The End of Dashing Dinos

About the Game

Dashing Dinos is a fast-paced, physics-based, local multiplayer game. Play against a couple of friends on your couch or bring your next house party to a whole new level!

Choose the Dino that suits your play-style best and go wild with unique equipment choices. There is no reason why your Dino can’t be a crazed, pumpkin-wielding Viking Angel!

CHARGE your DASH-POWER to the max.
AIM at your target.
RELEASE the DASH and send your opponents flying!

Secure your win with a variety of pickups! Enemies can be poisoned, frozen, confused, or even blown up, while you can escape safely – in invincible mode.

Be the lone survivor in a deadly match! Score goals against your friends or steal their precious, precious eggs. There are so many ways you can win against your fellow players! You can team up or leave every Dino for himself.

You think, victory is close, just because you’ve mastered all the moves and pickups? But beware, you’re treading on thin ice! Mud is more slippery than volcanic rock and you don’t want to end up in deadly spikes, thorns or the burning hot lava!