Digital ReleaseOculus, Steam, Viveport
September 07, 2017
DelistingJune 30, 2022
DeveloperRogue Earth
Available OnNone
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Crashimals was delisted from Steam on June 30, 2022. The game, alongside Eterium was delisted due to the closure of developer Rogue Earth. Their statement regarding the company closure follows:

Unfortunately the cost of maintaining Rogue Earth LLC has significantly exceeded income from sales of our games for several years now. We are left with no choice but to close down Rogue Earth LLC and retire our games from Steam.

If you have already purchased our games on Steam, you will retain access to download them. Unfortunately, for those who have not had a chance to purchased them, they will no longer be available. I apologize for the removal of the titles and the short notice.

Rogue Earth LLC

About the Game

When the Crashimals heard that the Kaiser’s cakes are so good he’s going to take over the world, they decided to stop him! Play as a variety of animals in a “VR Angry Birds with Airplanes” game. The unique control scheme has an arrow pointing from one controller to the other and the plane will follow that direction. Your arms get get tangled up as you fly around bombing destructible puzzles in your attempt to destroy all the cakes.

You get extra points for each piece of the structure destroyed, and lose points for any presents blown up. Do it all with the least number of bombs for the highest score!