Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company

Digital ReleaseXbox 360
August 11, 2009 (EU, JP, NA)
DelistingApril 28, 2023
PublisherElectronic Arts
Available OnRetail
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
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Electronic Arts and DICE announced on Tuesday that ahead of server shutdowns planned for December 8th, 2023, they would be removing Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2 from sale starting April 28th. Their announcement follows:

As we close in on 15 years since the release of Battlefield 1943, and Bad Company™ 1 & 2, we are announcing that their journey is coming to an end.

Starting April 28 2023, Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2 will be removed from digital storefronts and you will no longer be able to purchase them. This is in preparation for the retirement of the online services for these titles which will happen on December 8 2023. For Bad Company 1 & 2, you can still continue playing them and use their respective offline features, such as the single player campaign. You can also read our FAQ and Service Updates for further information on the retirement of online services.

While these titles hold a special place in our heart, we’re now looking forward to creating new memories alongside you as we shift our focus towards our current and future Battlefield experiences. 

With this announcement we also want to take a moment today to reflect on our time with Battlefield 1943 and, Bad Company 1 & 2. We share amazing memories of not only their development, but also playing them alongside you.

Battlefield Legacy – Sunsetting Announcement

The full post contains a few sentences about the development and history of the three titles and closes by adding that “if just like us you have fond memories of playing Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2, Battlefield 1943, then please do share them with us. We’d love to hear from you”.

Battlefield: Bad Company remains available on physical media.

About the Game

Battlefield: Bad Company follows a wayward band of ordinary soldiers who decide that sometimes the gratitude of a nation just isn’t enough. Featuring a dramatic storyline loaded with a unique attitude, the game delivers the series’ trademark sandbox gameplay in a universe where almost everything is destructible. The ever-changing battlefield forces players, their team mates and enemies to react accordingly and use destruction tactically. The game also features the all new, objective based multiplayer game mode “Gold Rush”, supporting 24 players online. Play as attackers and defenders and make full use of the tactical destruction as well as the unique vehicle experience that can only be experienced in Battlefield: Bad Company.