Audition Online servers to shutdown Aug 30

Audition Online servers to shutdown Aug 30

Redbana Corporation, who is the North American publishing arm of Korean videogame developer and publisher, T3 Entertainment, announced the ending of their game Audition Online. The team wrote:

Dear Auditioneers,

Audition have been bringing us a lot of fun since it has been released. But we judged that sustain good game service in audition is no longer possible. So after long consideration, we decided to end the service on this August.

This is a difficult decision. The game has received lots of support from fans and we also put a huge amount of energies polishing our services. It is a pity the game has to be shut down and we really apologize for it.

Detailed schedule of Server Shutdown
Starting on August 2, 2023 – We will disable the top-up page. Meaning you won’t be able to buy BanaCash anymore.

And on August 30, 2023 10:00 AM. The server will be shutdown permanently.

Thank you once again for your unsparing support and encouragement over the last 8 years and we will do our best to continue offering a decent experience before the shutdown date.


Audition Team ~

Redbana Server Shutdown Announcement – July 26th, 2023

This game has been on Steam since 2007 so it’s had quite the lifespan! This does seem to be the only game Redbana has released in the US.

Thanks for the submission Nevorist! I’ll add it to the Watch List, and we’ll get a game page up.