Digital ReleasePC, Steam
October 17, 2012
DelistingNovember 20, 2015 – Steam
Developer2 Dawn Studios
PublisherReverb Publishing
Available OnNone
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Ravaged was delisted from Steam on November 20th, 2015. In a request for comment from OneAngryGamer, former 2 Dawn press representative Nick Ritter gave the following unofficial responses to the delisting:

“Yes we removed the game from the store. The owners also dissolved the company. I am not 100% positive if there were “legal” troubles so I am not comfortable commenting on that.”

“No there wasn’t an announcement. Not even internally. I found out by looking at the website and seeing it was gone, then I went to the Steam store and it wasn’t there anymore either”

“Most of us are still working together. Half work at Autodesk on the new Stingray Engine preparing that for the future and another group of us are working with the Stingray Engine on a new indie game called RAILGUN.”

Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse Removed From Steam, 2Dawn Shuts Down

The delisting came two years after the game’s rebranding as Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, which received mixed reception from the playerbase. It appears that low sales and active player counts led to 2 Dawn Games dropping support for the game and quietly ceasing operations.

2 Dawn’s last update on Ravaged was the release of the Ravaged Development Kit in March of 2014, enabling mod support for the game. The RDK has since been preserved on ModDB.

About the Game

Get ready for Ravaged for PC download, a first-person online multiplayer game set in a bleak future and focused on vehicular combat. Ravaged takes place on vast maps in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. You must fight it out on land and in the air with more than 40 vehicles and weapons if you are to maintain control of vanishing resources, build your territory and ensure your very survival.

Global natural disasters have created a harsh and unlivable world. Now a savage battle rages between two unyielding factions. The “Resistance” is the world’s last best hope to rebuild human society, but first it must lay claim to the planet’s dwindling resources. The lawless “Scavengers” is a merciless horde out to take all the remaining resources for themselves. Each has constructed or modified vehicles to rain death on the opposing side in an all-out war for what’s left of the desolated planet.

Game features:

•Drive crazy and fun vehicles: Choose from a host of wild air and ground vehicles to transport your troops, bring destruction to everything that lies in your path and steal your opponents’ resources.
•Wreak havoc with specialized weaponry: Utilize the expansive arsenal of weapons to provide a satisfying and deep experience no matter your style of play.
•Duke it out on a variety of maps: Experience a variety of multiplayer maps—some large enough for 32-player combat with large-scale vehicular tactics. Other maps are perfect for close-quarters combat and can force eight players into extraordinary firefights.
•Gain skill rewards: Skill-based flying and driving styles reward players who master them. Become a skilled pilot or driver and you become the deadliest weapon on the battlefield.
•Choose your faction and class: Play as a member of the Resistance, a group of freedom fighters trying to rebuild society, or the Scavengers, a band of roving marauders hell-bent on claiming everything for themselves. Both sides offer five unique classes, each with its own specific weapon loadout.