Planet Pachinko

Planet Pachinko

Digital ReleaseNintendo Wii
January 12, 2009 (NA)
DelistingAugust 2011
DeveloperAllied Kingdoms
PublisherAllied Kingdoms
Available OnNone page [Archive]


Planet Pachinko was delisted on Nintendo Wii no later than August 2011, according to a thread on Nintendo Life. Planet Pachinko was Allied Kingdoms’ only release, which indicates that the company had gone defunct shortly after the game had released. With no entity available to support the game, it was removed from sale.

About the Game

Can you survive the temples of Planet Pachinko?

Can you survive the Pachinkeet Temples of Planet Pachinko? In the future of the future, an ancient civilization has sealed away their riches in elaborate temples dedicated to the game of pachinko. Now the Robot family must fight through the dangerous temples in search of their lost puppy. Using their rockets, lasers, grenades, and slime launchers, will they be able to survive the challenges? They aren’t the only ones adventuring through the temples. The pirate Vile Vill and his minions are looking to loot the temples, and take on the Robot family as well. Play single player or with a friend in exciting two-player co-op.