Nexuiz (2012)

Nexuiz (2012)

Digital ReleaseXbox 360
February 29, 2012 (AU, EU, JP, KO, NA)

May 10, 2012
DelistingMarch 01, 2013 – Xbox 360
July 2013 – Steam
RelistingMarch 14, 2016 – Steam
PublisherTHQ (2012-2013)
Psyop Games (2016-)
Available OnSteam
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Nexuiz was delisted from the Xbox Marketplace on March 1st, 2013, according to reporting from TrueAchievements. The removal followed the closure of the game’s online servers just two days before due to the bankruptcy of THQ.

As some of you know, the Xbox Servers are now offline. It was fun while it lasted on there and we are glad you guys enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, the Xbox Servers were controlled by THQ and in the current state, cannot be maintained anymore. Since the PC servers are different and can be controlled 100% by IllFonic, they will remain online and functional. Thanks!

Nexuiz Facebook post (deleted)

Nexuiz was shut down and delisted on Steam no later than July 15th, 2013. IllFonic’s statement on the Steam delisting follows:

Thank you everyone that alerted us to Nexuiz being removed from the Steam store. We believe this is related to the liquidation of THQ assets. We hope these are the final stages of THQ’s grasp on Nexuiz. Hopefully we’ll have full control over the title and can do whatever we want with it again soon. At that point, we are going to try to do something special for the Steam version of Nexuiz and get it back up. There are still no plans to get Nexuiz back on XBLA.

Thanks again and hopefully we’ll have more information soon! I know some of you are mad about this situation. So are we, but we will try to get this game back up and running smoothly for you soon. Right now we just can’t put down the costs to maintain the game when we’ve never received a penny on royalties due to the THQ bankruptcy. Once THQ is completely out of the picture, we’ll have more freedom to do what we can to really help.

Nexuiz Facebook post (deleted)

Throughout 2014 to 2015, the team at IllFonic pledged to continue support for the title on their social media platforms. At the end of 2015, they officially announced that Nexuiz would come back online on Steam. Nexuiz was finally relisted on Steam on March 14th, 2016, and Steam keys were provided to players who bought the Xbox 360 version.

About the Game

For centuries the Kavussari and the Forsellians have waged war. They have a fragile truce but due to their seething disgust of each other they still pit their warriors against each other in arenas rather than on the fields of war. Those episodes of lethal combat are now broadcast throughout the galaxy, as entertainment… a spectacle known as… The Nexuiz Competition: An arena based first person shooter where you can alter the rules of the match and laws of physics while you dominate opponents in ever-changing hostile environments bleeding with hatred.