Digital ReleaseSteam
April 07, 2009

Xbox 360
April 08, 2009 (AU, EU, NA)

PlayStation 3
April 09, 2009 (AU, EU, NA)
DelistingJune 27, 2022 - Steam
May 08, 2024 - Steam
RelistingMarch 15, 2023 - Steam
DeveloperProper Games
Available OnPlayStation 3 (AU, EU, NA)
Xbox 360 (AU, EU, NA)
Xbox One (AU, EU, NA)
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Flock! was delisted from Steam on June 27th, 2022. On June 26th, The Spiffing Brit posted a video covering a Steam key exploit that had occurred during the Steam Summer Sale, with Flock! used as an example. The exploit allowed owners of Flock! to generate an infinite amount of unique Steam keys for the game, which could be redeemed even after Flock! was refunded. The following day, Flock! was removed from sale and was temporarily updated to disable the redemption of serial keys for the game.

Flock!, along with Dark Void and Dark Void Zero, unexpectedly returned to Steam in 2023 with Flock! reappearing first on March 15th and the Dark Void titles on June 2nd. No explanation was given for the relisting but it is assumed that the exploit was addressed at the time. Capcom next announced on April 24th, 2024 that all three titles would again be delisted just weeks later on May 8th.

Capcom will be discontinuing digital sales of [GAME NAME] on Steam Store on May 8th 5:30PM PDT. Customers who have purchased the title prior to its delisting date may still be able to enjoy the game into the future depending on their PC operating system’s ability to continue running the game.

Capcom Steam Store Page Update – April 24, 2024

Yet again no explanation was given but some discussion on the Steam Community forums suggested that ongoing issues with the SecuROM DRM and Capcom’s inability to generate valid keys for the releases going forward were to blame.

About the Game

Join the Herd!

Protect your cornfields and lock up your livestock, because FLOCK is here! Pilot a UFO around vibrantly-colored landscapes in this charming sandbox puzzle game where you must herd animal life back to the Motherflocker. Using a powerful physics engine that drives many of the game’s elements, FLOCK features over 50 pastoral puzzles. Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways all to help deliver your herd before time runs out! Flock together with a friend and even create and share your own crazy levels online!

  • Herd, poke, prod and manipulate cute, cuddly animals that react to each other and their hazardous surroundings
  • Over 50 levels of pastoral puzzle challenges
  • 2 player local co-op flocking
  • Level editor allows for custom puzzles to be created, shared and rated
  • Compelling environments complemented by a whimsical art style, beautiful lighting and distinctive textures makes this one of the most graphically-advanced downloadable titles to date
  • Real-world physics engine creates all new types of puzzles; Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways
  • Lots of fun surprises, secret collectibles and upgrades to find