Border Break

Border Break

Digital ReleasePlayStation 4
August 02, 2018 (JP)
DelistingSeptember 09, 2023
Available OnNone
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Sega announced on May 15th, 2023 that their 10 vs 10 multiplayer robot battler, Border Break, will be shutting down this Fall on September 9th, 2023. The title has been exclusive to Japan and the PlayStation 4 since its release in 2018 following nearly a decade-long run in Japanese arcades. The full announcement outlines the team’s plans to wind down microtransaction purchases and adjust in-game pricing.

Thank you for always using the PS4™ version of “BORDER BREAK”. The PS4™ version of “BORDER BREAK” will end its service on September 9, 2023.

Since the launch of the service, we have made every effort to plan and operate events, improve the game system, etc., in order to provide even better services. We regret to inform you that we have decided to discontinue the service. The PS4™ version “BORDER BREAK” management team would like to express our deepest gratitude for the support we have received from so many customers. The schedule until the end of the service is as follows.

■ June 5, 2023 (Monday) 15:00 Premium Service Automatic Renewal End
Sales of the automatic renewal version of the Premium Service will be discontinued.
* This is a measure to prevent unintentional updating of the premium service prior to the end of sales of the premium service on July 10 (Monday).

■Monday, June 12, 2023 15:00 Frame Lot Price Revision
We will revise the frame lot price. The contents of each frame lot are as follows.

▼Weapon Lot, Aircraft Lot, Various Generation Lot
Price: 100 Core Seed or Lot Ticket
Special Supply: 100
Special Supply Target: All items provided in each lot

▼Collaboration Weapon/Aircraft Pickup Lot
Price: 100 Core Seed
Special Supply: 100
Special Supply Target: Pickup Item

■Monday, July 10, 2023 15:00 Suspension of new purchases of Core Seeds
Sales of core seeds, premium services, and starter packs will be discontinued. After this date, premium services will be available free of charge. In addition, you can use “Core Seed (paid)” until the end of the service.

■August 14, 2023 (Monday) 15:00 Ranked Match End
Ranked Match Season 20 ends. After this date, we will expand the scope of premium service manufacturing and equipment use services to all items, excluding some limited-time items.

■September 9th, 2023 (Sat) 15:00 End of service
After the end of the service, online matching will be stopped and only the following battles will be available.

Battle > Exhibition
Battle > Training
Story > Main Scenario
Story > Borders Scenario

However, you will need to subscribe to PlayStation®Plus to use Exhibition Match after the service ends.

■September 11, 2023 (Monday) 15:00 Start accepting refunds (planned)
Refunds for unused “Core Seed (paid)” and “Premium Service” will be accepted during the following period. Refund acceptance period: September 11, 2023 (Monday) 15:00 to November 30 (Thursday) 15:00 * We will inform you about the refund method at a later date.

Although there is only a short time left until the end of service, the management team will do their best so that you can continue to enjoy the PS4™ version of “BORDER BREAK”.

Border Break Announcement – May 15, 2023

Border Break producer, Momekei, followed up the news with a post of their own offering a few more thoughts on the series and the PlayStation 4 release.

Hello everyone. I’m Momekei, the producer of “BORDER BREAK”. Thank you for always playing “BORDER BREAK”.

We have important news for you today. The PS4™ version of “BORDER BREAK” will end its service on September 9, 2023, the 14th anniversary of the series.

Since the service started on August 2, 2018, we have continued to develop and operate with the goal of continuing to provide the battlefield of “BORDER BREAK” where everyone gathers for as long as possible. It’s getting harder to maintain, and that’s why I made this decision.

We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have been with us so far for this disappointing report. Since the start of the service, I think that there have been many inconveniences for everyone due to the lack of development and management.

Even in such a situation, we received many opinions, suggestions, and words of encouragement from everyone, and each of them supported the operation. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us thus far, including the arcade version.

I’m really thankful to you. Although the operation period is less than four months, we will work together as a team to deliver the best service to everyone.

Producer Momekei post – May 15, 2023

Border Break was delisted from the PlayStation Store after its EoS on September 9th. Single player modes and P2P online matches remain available.

About the Game

“BORDER BREAK” is a high speed robot team battle centered on 10vs10 mode。
Freely combine weapons, airframe parts and unique characters to customize your own humanoid weapon, the Blast Runner! Use four different military appearances to lead your team to victory。

In addition to the one-person mode “story” in which a heavy scenario develops, a battle mode tailored to the level of the player such as “biginner match”, “casual match”, “rank match” is installed。There are also richly varied event battles, such as the “Scud Battle” for small teams, the “Great Battle Prevention” for fighting over only one core, and the “Union Battle” for working with friends to confront powerful enemies。Here’s a robot-action gold-shower that drives a wide variety of battlefields with a customized blast runner! .

You are the one who breaks through this front。

* Free basic play (some items are charged。)
* This product “BORDER BREAK” (game main part) + A set product consisting of benefits “BORDER BREAK DX Starter Pack” is being delivered。

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