8DAYS – Peace is our Business

8DAYS – Peace is our Business

Digital ReleasePC, Steam
July 22, 2016

PlayStation 4, Xbox One
February 07, 2017 (AU, EU, NA)
DelistingApril 24, 2018 – Steam
April 2018 – Consoles
DeveloperSanta Clara Games
PublisherBadLand Games
Available OnNone
LinksSteamDB page
8DAYS homepage


8DAYS – Peace is our Business was delisted from Steam on April 24, 2018. The game was most likely delisted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One around this time. The game was most likely delisted due to the end of a publishing agreement between Santa Clara Games and BadLand Games. As Santa Clara Games had seemingly gone quiet on all of their accounts by 2018, the end of their publishing deal with BadLand may have been a result of the disbandment of the studio.

For a time the game remained available on itch.io via publisher Plug In Digital but it appears to have been removed some time between September 2023 and March 2024.

About the Game

8DAYS: Peace is our business
The world has been dominated by dark forces since the beginning of human history. Known as the Masters of Mankind by those directly under their control, these dark forces will use any means necessary to protect their own interests — including starting wars. In 8DAYS the mercenary team G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Diamonds, Inc) and the 8DAYS Magazine are two modern instruments used to control the masses. G.O.D. is primarily a peacekeeping force and 8DAYS ensures the bias of public opinion.

Key Features:
Players will travel around the world in five missions to resolve erupting dangerous conflicts.
High replay value: each mission allows players to solve levels in different ways every time they play.
Adaptive enemies’ intelligence makes each gameplay different.
Hidden characters to find and secrets to uncover!
Single Player and local Cooperative Mode for 2 players.
Compatible input controls: keyboard plus mouse or gamepad.
Original soundtrack featuring 31 heart pumping theme tunes.

About the characters:
In 8DAYS players take on the role of Lola and Mike, two of G.O.D.’s expendable mercenaries.

Mike “Ghost” Doe (40 years old) was born in the wild in Australia, where anything and evrything can kill you. He soon became an expert in learning how to survive. His face was burnt in an accident during his childhood.
He has worked on undercovered operations and was declared missing in action during the Second Gulf War. Recent intelligence information reports he took part in the Russian forces during the Moscow theatre hostage crisis in 2002.

Lola “Wasp” Cruz (24 years old) was born in the mountains of Chiapas, her mentor was Subcomandante Juanes. She’s survived the paramilitary ambush in 2013 where her mentor died. Since then she has stopped at nothing to find the people responsible who cowardly killed her mentor.
About Santa Clara Games
Santa Clara Games is an independent video game studio based in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, Spain. It is ruled by the two crazy guys Alex Martin (@gravstar) and Iñaki Martinez (@ipuntom) since 2013.