Zombies: The Last Survivor

Zombies: The Last Survivor

zombieslastsurvivorDigital Release:PlayStation Vita
April 01, 2016 (AU, EU)
May 24, 2016 (US)
Delisting (approx):No later than March 24, 2018
Developer:Infotronik Games
Publisher:Infotronik Games
Available On:None
Links:PlayStation Store page


Zombies: The Last Survivor was delisted on PlayStation Vita no later than March 24th, 2018 when it was submitted to the site by reader Carbon_Lancer. In the game’s limited coverage on YouTube and PlayStation Store focused blogs it received overwhelmingly negative reactions. The game may have been delisted much closer to its 2016 release date for not meeting PlayStation Store certification.

It is worth noting that the game was released to the main PlayStation Store in three territories even though its quality was much closer to the offerings on the retired PlayStation Mobile marketplace.


About the Game

In The Last Survivor the player’s character finds themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. After preparing for years, the player finds themselves low on food, and lacking ammunition and functional weaponry. In a last ditch effort, the player heads out to a rescue point in hopes of survival.

The game contains only 4 weapons (Normal Gun, Submachine, Shotgun, Mines). Using the dual sticks, players move with the left and aim with the right. There are 16 levels to complete (listed as days), spanning various settings to cross.


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Thanks to Carbon_Lancer for submitting this game to the site.