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Wishlists return to the PlayStation Store website

Wishlists return to the PlayStation Store website

It looks like Sony is finally addressing one of the shortcomings of the new PlayStation Store website. Launched last October ahead of the release of PlayStation 5, the site removed all traces of pre-PlayStation 4 content as well as features like the wishlist. While we still can’t view screenshots of games, browse DLC, or filter search results on the web, we can — finally — add things to a wishlist. Here’s a few things I noticed with the new functionality:

  • The Wishlist heart icon appears at the top right of the screen between the shopping cart and your icon
  • Anything on the PlayStation Store can be added: PS5 and PS4 games, demos, and DLC
  • The new list is separate from the old one, you can still view your previous Wishlist on the “old” PS Store
  • Your Wishlist page reflects any active discounts!
  • The list on the web syncs up with your Wishlist on the PlayStation 5
  • The wording suggests that the PlayStation App for mobile will soon be updated with the Wishlist as well

Now friends, go forth and Wish things! Thanks to Penteano for pointing out the update.