Two more Rising Star titles leaving PlayStation Vita soon

Rising Star Games has confirmed two more upcoming delistings after the recent losses of Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God and Lumo. In a reply on Twitter from July 28th Rising Star confirmed that their PlayStation releases of Superbeat Xonic (PlayStation 4 and Vita in Australia and Europe) and La-Mulana EX (PlayStation Vita in Australia, Europe, and North America) will be delisted in “the near future”.

Unfortunately they didn’t clarify when the near future might be so grab them soon if you’ve been holding off on either title. I wouldn’t be surprised if both games were gone as early as September 1st. Don’t hold out for a sale either; to another tweet asking about a farewell discount the publisher added “would be fun but there’s, unfortunately, no plans”.

Both Superbeat Xonic and La-Mulana EX were released physically but La-Mulana was through Limited Run Games so prices are likely to climb. Both games have been released on numerous platforms — from Rising Star and other publishers — and are expected to remain available there for at least a few more years.

Thanks to @RvLeshrac for submitting the news to the site and to Vita Paradisa for their coverage.