Trip in Another World

Trip in Another World

Digital ReleaseSteam
June 16, 2022
DelistingFebruary 28, 2023
DeveloperTrip in Another World
PublisherTrip in Another World
Available OnNone
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Trip in Another World, from the developer and publisher of the same name, was removed from Steam on February 28th. The team’s brief announcement from February 6th follows:

First of all, thank you for your support since the game was launched. However, due to the unsatisfactory long-term revenue of this game, the developers can no longer continue to update and maintain the content of the game version, so we decided to release the game on February 28, 2023: 59 (UTC+8) officially ceased operations.

Please know in advance, thank you for your support, thank you.

Steam Announcement – February 6th, 2023

About the Game

Trip In Another World is a more casual strategy war game, it bid farewell to the endless confrontation between players in traditional strategy games! More emphasis on collaboration between players. The game integrates strategy warfare and card development gameplay, simulated business gameplay, team-dungeon gameplay, designed an urban construction model centered on prosperity and civilization, and innovated a “private territory” that did not exist in previous strategy games. The new concept of “safe collection”. At the same time, players can also send business travelers to freely communicate with each other across the continents, donate supplies, and prosper together and develop harmoniously!

Exclusive territory, safe collection
Facing a different world that is about to be destroyed, you, as the lord of the city, will become a candidate for the throne and have your own private territory. There you can collect, play wild, and defeat the bosses of monsters as much as you want, farm safely without being disturbed, focus on improving the construction of the capital, and create a new world of your own!

Develop civilization and build homes
The fire of civilization is endless. After canceling the concept of combat power in traditional strategy games, we introduced the concepts of civilization and prosperity. As the heir to the throne, force cannot determine everything. Therefore, rather than letting players fall into endless battles in the game and constantly pursuing combat effectiveness, we hope that players will help each other, spread civilization and develop cities, and build a prosperous new capital!

Shuttle the mainland, free trade
After canceling the traditional strategy game in which players grab resources by attacking each other’s cities, we have opened up the runner gameplay of mutual trade between mainlands, six regions, 30 specialties, multiple runner paths, and real-time updates. Trade information, random events. Maybe not every trade is smooth sailing, but risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and benefits coexist, maybe you are a business wizard in another world!

Wasteland Experience, Relic Treasure Hunting
Stopping in another world, exciting adventures are also indispensable! We have opened the Wasteland Palace that can challenge ourselves. At the same time, as your main city hall level increases, copies of the ruins of different difficulties will also be opened for you. Whether it’s dangerous underground caves or desolate desert ruins, you can enjoy the fun of teamwork and multiplayer teamwork, and find lost treasures in danger!

Hero development, territorial war
Three races, massive heroes, legendary heroes with various characteristics, each hero has its own mission. They will accompany you all the way in your life in another world, and do their best to help you fight the enemies, fight against the monsters, and win the crown! 6 regions, 36 cities, and 36 legendary lords, this continent is full of wealth and opportunities, waiting for you to conquer!

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