Digital Release:Steam
April 24, 2018
Delisting:June 28, 2019
Developer:Jan Kopfmann
Publisher:Jan Kopfmann
Available On:None
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The Wranglers was delisted from Steam on June 28th, 2019 when developer Jan Kopfmann set its price to $0.00. In a post the day before, Kopfmann announced that the game would be removed:

“As the headline says, we are about to pull the game from the steam store.
This is due to variety of reasons, mostly however because I wish to disassociate myself from the game.
However everyone who already bought the game should still be able to access it.”

About the Game

A desperate man asks on an online forum for help, rambling about an old “haunted”¬†videogame he barely managed to get running. He needs someone to assist him as it appears that this game can only be played by two people.¬† A downloadable file to connect you to his server is all he left before he stopped responding. Help self-proclaimed scientist William to figure out the mystery behind this program.

The Wranglers is a story based platformer in third person. Jump and run your way through the different stages, while shooting bullets at incoming enemies.

Delve into 24 highly different areas of the forest! Will you be able to find all of the forest’s secrets?

The game has choices, each of which has a massive impact on your experience. See different places, meet different people…

Each playthrough plays completely different! Letting you experience the story from multiple different perspectives!

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