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Street Trace: NYC

Street Trace: NYC

Digital Release:Xbox 360
August 22, 2007 (EU, JP, US)
Delisting (approx):July 2014
Developer:Gaia Industries
Publisher:Gaia Industries
Microsoft Studios
Available On:None page


Street Trace: NYC was delisted from Xbox 360 in early July of 2014 according to reporting from The reason for the delisting is uncertain as the game was originally published by Microsoft Studios. It could have been removed due to low sales or poor reception but is likely related to Gaia Industries’ closure. As of this writing a trailer and demo remain avialable for the game.


About the Game

Buy the full version of Street Trace:NYC! You get upgradeable weapons and boards, nine playable characters, six areas, and seven rule sets. Beat the Single-Player Campaign by winning Platinum Medals in all five Tournaments and Time Trials. Battle with up to four players in split-screen or eight players on Xbox Live®. Medals and best Lap Times appear on the Xbox Live leaderboards. Earn achievements to raise your gamerscore.


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