SoulWorker servers shutting down for the West, International version planned

SoulWorker servers shutting down for the West, International version planned

SoulWorker, the “anime action MMO” from 2018 is shutting down for the Western world at the end of April. Gameforge’s publishing contract with developer Game Lion has ended and according to their community management team the studio has “decided to go in a different direction with this title”. Game Lion followed up with an english-language post on Facebook explaining that they are working on an international version of the game to be released in the future. However, due to differences in the data between versions, and GDPR regulations, Game Lion is not able to offer account migration. This means players of the Gameforge release will have to start over from scratch in the international version. Gameforge’s announcement from February 15th follows:

Regrettably, we must announce today that the adventures in SoulWorker will soon be coming to an end: Gameforge will cease operation of the game on April 30, 2021. We will first deactivate payments and then take the servers offline a while later.

On March 31, 2021 we will disable payments for SoulWorker. From then on, you will no longer be able to top up premium currency. Of course any remaining premium currency can still be spent until the servers are shut down. Lion Games, the development studio of SoulWorker, has informed us that there are plans for an international server. However, an account transfer will not be possible.

The Shutdown
On April 30, 2021 our SoulWorker servers will go offline. We are therefore terminating the user contracts on this date. Gameforge accounts will not be affected. You can still continue using them for our other games. Further below in this announcement you can find our suggestions for games you can play to make saying goodbye to SoulWorker a bit easier.

Farewell: Time to Say Goodbye
Together we have fought in countless skirmishes, experienced thrilling adventures and our heroism has brought a ray of hope to the post-apocalyptic world of SoulWorker. But most importantly, we’ve met new friends! We’ve always been a colourful bunch of British, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian SoulWorkers and formed a unique and creative community. We are grateful for the amazing time we could spend together and will always remember it fondly. We would be happy to see you again in Elsword, NosTale or any of our other games and wish you all the best!

The SoulWorker Team

Players can keep an eye on Game Lion’s Facebook page for news on the updated version of SoulWorker. As for Gameforge’s release, as a free-to-play title it looks like new players will be able to sign up right until the end. You can download the Gameforge client or grab it on Steam right now. I’ve added the dates to the Watch List calendar, thanks to Wakayama_PT for pointing out the news.