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Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, more Vita titles lose online features Dec 24th

Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, more Vita titles lose online features Dec 24th

Sony Japan just updated their Online Service Information page on November 19th, announcing the end of online multiplayer and services for a handful of Vita titles and one long-standing PlayStation 3 title. The text reads mostly the same for each game, pointing out that online services will be terminated on December 24th, 2021. They reiterate that you can continue playing the games offline, although most of them were really designed with a focus on the multiplayer. The titles include:

Although the information came from Japan, and neither Sony Europe nor Sony America has shared the same news for their regions, it’s assumed that this relates to all territories where the games were released. If you’ve been sleeping on some Trophies or just meaning to revisit any of these games, you’ve now got about a month left to soak in the full experience before they lose online features. 

One side note that @TweetVitaReview pointed out: Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice can still be played in local ad hoc mode with 2-4 players, meaning that some multiplayer Trophies may not be completely unattainable after December. Since all of the games are labeled for ‘1 Player’ with additional ‘Network Features’ it seems unlikely that they’ll be delisted, although some DLC might be removed. Thanks to @Roc6d and @TweetVitaReview for pointing out the news, I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar.