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Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting

Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting

Digital Release:Nintendo DS
November 25, 2009 (JP)
Delisting:June 25, 2014
Available On:None
Links:Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting homepage coverage


Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting (宇宙をかける少女シューティング) was delisted from the Nintendo DSi Shop and the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan on June 25th, 2014. Based on the Sunrise Inc. anime, The Girl Who Leapt Through Space, the game was likely delisted due to expired licensing of the property.

About the Game

Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting, the DSiWare shoot’em up based on mecha/comedy anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. The game features four levels and three playable characters (each piloting a ship with an alternate mech mode).

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Thanks to Vivi for submitting this game to the site