Digital Release:Steam
June 21, 2016
Delisting:February 6, 2017
Publisher:Machine Bear Games (as Machine Bear ® Software e Games LTDA)
Available On:None
Links:Room 404 homepage
SteamDB page
Steam Greenlight page
PC Demo


Room 404 was delisted from Steam on February 6th, 2017. The game was approved in December of 2015 after debuting on Steam’s Greenlight program in October. No advanced notice was given and no explanation provided by 3DTM or Machine Bear Games regarding Room 404’s delisting. Both organizations seem to have disbanded no later than February of 2017.

The Room 404 homepage was last updated on June 21st, 2016, the Machine Bear homepage went offline in August of 2016, and developer El Falcon (presumed to be co-founder Danilo Nunes) stopped posting replies on the game’s Steam forums in November of 2016. The Machine Bear Facebook page has also been removed.

According to Danilo Nunes’ resume, ‘Machine Bear Software e Games LTDA’ ceased operation in February of 2017. He has since moved into teaching and freelance game development work elsewhere in Brazil.

About the Game

Alex’s son was murdered in front of his wife and they were both found in an old hotel room.

Despite Catherine had survived, she was severe traumatized and was unable to recover, because of that, she escape the hospital and went missing.

Now Alex is desperately in search for his wife, he knows Catherine went to the hotel to search for answers of his murdered son.


  • Made with Unreal 4;
  • Sound Track made exclusivity for the game;
  • Game in advanced develop stage, to be completed February 2016;
  • Demo available for download.

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Thanks to Adam McVay (ADAMNATOR on YouTube) for submitting this game to the site