Rhythm Zone

Rhythm Zone

Digital Release:PC, Steam
July 20, 2010
Delisting:June 2015
Developer:Sonic Boom
Publisher:Sonic Boom
Available On:None
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Rhythm Zone was removed from Steam in June of 2015. The delisting was most likely due to the developer and publisher, Sonic Boom, ceasing operation. The game had many reported performance issues and could also have been removed as there was insufficient staff to properly support the title.

About the Game

Play using YOUR OWN MUSIC and get into the Rhythm Zone of your favorite indie, electronica, metal, rock, hip hop, pop songs, and more! Every game session is unique and is matched to awesome and surreal changing backgrounds that are generated by your music. Experience falling-note beat-matching gaming in a dynamic new dimension while using your keyboard or any USB based plug and play controller.

NEW! Multi-player support: Send and receive high score Challenges on songs that you have in common with friends and global players!

NEW! 50 free songs: The full version comes with 50 free songs from up and coming indie artists and more are added all the time!

Play Your Music: You can play ANY of your FAVORITE SONGS from your library! Rhythm Zone supports a wide variety of file types and will identify most common songs against our database. We dynamically create game data from any song and constantly improve our analysis to help unleash your inner rock star!

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