Ragnarok Clicker shutting down November 21st, Mobile Spinoff coming this week

It’s one of those good news/bad news situations for fans of the highly specific mashup between Ragnarok Online and the clicker genre. With the announcement of RO: Click H5 coming to iOS and Android on November 7th, publisher Gravity Interactive has announced the end of the line for its predecessor, Ragnarok Clicker:

It is with much excitement that the Ragnarok Clicker team announces an all new Ragnarok Clicker game, RO: Click H5! An all new adventure in the Ragnarok Clicker world, with new exciting features such as live chat and a mail system as well as a unique transmission upgrade system and countless Ragnarok Heroes to collect! The RO: Click H5 server will be opening on Thursday November 7th, 2019!

You can pre-register today on Google Play and the Apple Store. Unfortunately, with the opening of this wonderful new game, we will be closing the original Ragnarok Clicker servers. We want to thank all our Ragnarok Clicker heroes for joining us on the Ragnarok Clicker journey, and we hope you all enjoy RO Click H5, continuing your adventure with even more of Ragnarok Clicker to love! The original Ragnarok Clicker servers will be closing on Thursday, November 21st, 2019.

While players who have already downloaded Ragnarok Clicker on Steam, iOS, or Android can continue playing until the deadline, the game was removed from stores on October 21st, the same day as the announcement above. I’ll add the date to the Watch List calendar and have a page up soon for the Steam original.