Digital Release:Steam
April 26, 2012
Delisting:May 12, 2017 - Steam
Developer:Destrax Games
Publisher:Kalypso Media Digital (2012)
Assemble Entertainment (2016)
Available On:Retail:
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Pole Position 2012 was delisted from Steam on May 12th, 2017 when its price was set to $0.00. The game was likely delisted due to expired licensing of real world vehicles, raceways, or brands but may also have been removed due to poor performance. Since its release, the game’s Steam Community forum has seen many threads relaying performance issues and bugs.

In 2016 Kalypso handed publishing duties of this and several other titles over to Assemble Entertainment, an independent publisher founded by former Kalypso CEO Stefan Marcinek. It is unclear if this transition ultimately led to the game’s delisting as some of the former Kalypso titles remain available as of this writing.

About the Game

Pole Position 2012 will put your manager skills to the test by putting you in charge of your Formula 1 racing team. It’s your responsibility not only to buy spare parts, but also to design the car and to recruit the members of your team. And then, you have to decide which training sessions are the most appropriate for your pilots.

Pole Position 2012 offers you more features than ever in a Formula 1 racing team management simulation. The whole technology tree was revised from the ground up and you have to pick your own research from over 100 new technology projects. The team management system is easier to use and is even more interesting.

Key Features:

  • Take control of an existing racing team or create your very own team.
  • Create your very own driver
  • Research more than 100 new car improvements
  • The new team management system is easier and more fun to use.
  • Build different structures such as a wind tunnel or a fitness center
  • Make your dreams come true and live a life of luxury: get a villa or even a private jet plane
  • Decide on the individual training sessions of your pilots to help them improve their skills
  • Rebuild your cars from scratch to improve their performance on each specific racetrack

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