PlanetSide Arena shutting down January 10th

PlanetSide Arena shutting down January 10th

On December 13th Daybreak Game Company announced that the rocky road for PlanetSide Arena would be coming to an early end on January 10th. After a delayed launch from January to September of 2019, the playerbase just wasn’t strong enough to support the gargantuan 250-on-250 player Massive Clash mode. As Polygon pointed out in their post, “It last saw 500 or more players concurrently logged in on Sept. 24”. Daybreak’s full announcement follows:

After careful consideration, we’ve made the difficult decision to shut down PlanetSide Arena servers.

While our team set out with an ambitious vision for a game that combined the massive-scale combat and camaraderie of PlanetSide through a diverse collection of new game modes, it has become clear after several months in Early Access that our population levels make it impossible to sustain the gameplay experience we envisioned.

As a result, PlanetSide Arena will formally shut down servers on January 10th, 2020 at 5:00 PM (PST). We are actively working with Steam to ensure that all players who made purchases during Early Access will automatically receive a full refund to their Steam Wallet after servers shut down in January. 

Thank you again for your loyalty and support during Beta and Early Access. Your feedback was invaluable, and your enduring passion for PlanetSide remains the bedrock our community is built upon. As painful as it is to close this chapter so quickly, we remain deeply committed to this franchise, and look forward to continuing this journey through the PlanetSide Universe with all of you.

Andy Sites
Executive Producer, PlanetSide Franchise

I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page on the site for the game soon.