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DMCA Request from Activision removes ORION from Steam

Monday morning, June 27th, Trek Industries was made aware that their sci-fi action shooter ORION had been removed from Steam. According to a statement from David Prassel posted to the Steam Community page for ORION: Prelude — a precursor to ORION proper — the game was removed after Activision filed a DMCA takedown request. As

A Few Interruptions This Week

Just a quick post to say no, I haven’t abandoned the site already. I’ve put things on hold this week to try and keep up with E3 and because my day job has blossomed into a bountiful bouquet of madness. If you’re interested in what I thought of E3 you can check out my reactions to the major

Welcome to Delisted Games

It’s June 1st, the site has over 100 delisted titles and our hosting migration looks to have been a success. So it’s time to officially launch this thing! You can read more about our history here but for this sticky post I wanted to point out some features of the site to help you get

Our Hosting is Doing some Upgrades

Our web hosting provider is bringing the server that Delisted and GameLuv live on up to modern standards on the 28th. In anticipation I may not be posting a whole lot in case they have to fall back on a slightly older backup of the site. After that I’m planning on finally launching this thing