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Nyu Media shutting down operations, Cherry Tree High titles to be delisted in July

Nyu Media shutting down operations, Cherry Tree High titles to be delisted in July

It’s one of those “good problem” situations that Nyu Media has found themselves in. With their decade-long goal of bringing Japanese indie PC titles to a wider market, the group now feels that things are much more accessible to individual creators and there isn’t as great a need for a company like theirs.

Before winding down their operations, Nyu Media has worked to transfer publishing duties to almost all of their existing Steam releases. The titles in the longer list below will remain on Steam with only Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! leaving the store after the end of the Steam Summer Sale (on or close to July 7th). The team’s full announcement from June 15th follows:

Guys, we had a GREAT run.

When we started this company in 2011, our primary goals were to support some truly talented Japanese indie developers, to introduce Japanese indie games to overseas gamers, and contribute to the growth of the Japanese indie gaming scene. 11 years later, it’s fair to say that, while we made mistakes and fell short at times, we achieved what we set out to do and we can call this a ‘WIN’.

The video games industry has changed a lot since we started out, and the tools, resources, and perspective available to Japanese indie devs have broadened and improved to the point where there isn’t much need for a company like ours… and that’s GREAT!! We hope to see more Japanese indie games making it overseas under their own steam (no crappy pun intended)!

So the time has come for us to close the curtain on Nyu Media, but PLEASE NOTE that all games and related DLC in our catalog will remain for sale on Steam, with the exception of the Cherry Tree High games, which will be delisted from all platforms after the final day of this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

For clarity, here is list of our current titles and what will happen to them from July 1st:

The following titles and related OST, etc. will remain on sale on Steam and publishing responsibilities will transfer as follows:

ALLTYNEX Second (SITER SKAIN) > Henteko Doujin[] will become the new publisher
KAMUI (SITER SKAIN) > Henteko Doujin
RefleX (SITER SKAIN) > Henteko Doujin
The Tale of ALLTYNEX > Henteko Doujin
ETHER VAPOR Remaster (Edelweiss) > PLAYISM
eXceed – Gun Bullet Children (Upgrade) > Upgrade[]
eXceed 2nd – Vampire REX (Upgrade) > Upgrade
eXceed 3rd – Jade Penetrate Black Package (Upgrade) > Upgrade
The eXceed Collection (Upgrade) > Upgrade
Fairy Bloom Freesia (Edelweiss)> XSEED Games
The Sacred Tears TRUE (AlphaNuts) > WhiteCute
TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio (STRIKEWORKS) > STRIKEWORKS[]
Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (PDW HOTAPEN) > PDW HOTAPEN / Circle Edge Corp.

Localized versions of the following titles will be DELISTED* from ALL distributors (including Steam) following the Steam summer sale:

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club (773)
Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! (773)

* So pick up copies while you can!!

On behalf of the past and present members of the Nyu Media team, THANK YOU to all the AWESOME players, press, partners, and others for your support over the years and for making this possible. Please continue to support these games, devs, and the Japanese indie game scene!


Seon King
Founder & Managing Director,
Nyu Media Limited

Steam Announcement – June 15, 2022

Nyu Media is a group that I’ve followed for a long time and will be sad to see shut down. But this is about as positive an outcome as anyone could hope for: most of their titles will remain on sale while the industry at large has reached a place where even solo developers can create and manage their releases for a global audience directly.

I’ve added July 7th to the Watch List calendar for the Cherry Tree High titles and will have pages up on the site later. Thanks to @ViperacidZX for pointing out the news.