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OUYA loses game pages but I made a doc with almost 6,000 Wii U, 3DS/DS links loses game pages but I made a doc with almost 6,000 Wii U, 3DS/DS links

More fallout from the eShop shutdown continues to settle this week. Shortly after the announcement, Nintendo of America rolled out a redesigned storefront on which removed access to every Wii U page still on the site. 3DS (but not the older DSiWare) titles continue to be browsable and searchable through the new interface for the time being. 

It’s an astounding loss for research, especially for anyone without a dedicated, or hacked, Wii U console for every territory. It’s similar to when Sony redesigned the PlayStation Store website in 2020 and removed easy access to thousands of titles. But Nintendo did leave us a little silver lining in the form of their sitemap.

The sitemap has been around for a number of years and contains links to nearly 6,000 titles from the original DS up through the Wii U. Of course, the live links are all dead now but I copied them and made a quick Google Sheet for easy reference: take a look. Just copy a link and paste it in at to find any old captures. There are definitely pages missing for previously delisted titles but there’s still quite a lot to see. And many of the Wii U, 3DS, and DSiWare entries are still available, you’ll just have to hop onto a console to buy them before March 2023. My sheet includes the following:

  • 1,028 – Nintendo Wii U pages
  • 1, 267 – Nintendo 3DS pages
  • 1,747 – Nintendo Wii pages
  • 1,806 – Nintendo DS pages
  • 188 – Amiibo pages (these are still live on

Fortunately for those outside North America, it appears nothing has changed as dramatically so far. Websites for Nintendo Australia, Europe, and Japan still allow you to browse and search Wii U and 3DS titles. Australia’s site continues to be a mess and Japan’s is harder to navigate with the language barrier, but the games are still there.

Hopefully this info proves useful to some of you as we make our lists of games to check out before the eShops close next year.