Mystery P.I.: Kieta Film

Mystery P.I.: Kieta Film

Digital ReleaseNintendo 3DS
June 07, 2011 (JP)
DelistingApril 27, 2022
DeveloperSpinTop Games
Available OnNone
LinksNintendo Japan page [Archive]


A notice was posted to the Japanese 3DS eShop and pointed out to the site no later than April 21st 2022 that Mystery P.I.: Kieta Film would be removed from sale on April 27th at 10:00 JST. The hidden object series, originally owned by PopCap and now a part of Electronic Arts, saw its heyday in the late aughts primarily on PC. Kieta Film is one of only two handheld adaptations of the series and the only one released digitally. It seems fairly certain that expired licensing between G-mode and PopCap is the cause for the delisting given the changes that PopCap has been through since this game was released in 2011.

About the Game

Kieta Film is based on the PC release of Mystery P.I. – Lost in Los Angeles

From Nintendo Japan page, via Google Translate: “Mystery PI ~ Disappearing Film ~” is an item search reasoning game that seeks out evidence left on the scene and aims to solve the case. Set in Hollywood, find the movie film that went missing the day before his VIP premiere of the blockbuster movie, as a private detective, Henri Crystal.

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