MMORPG Elyon shutting down in Europe, North America on December 7th

MMORPG Elyon shutting down in Europe, North America on December 7th

Bluehole and KRAFTON have announced that the MMORPG Elyon will be shutting down across Europe and North America on December 7th after a little more than a year in operation. The news was posted on Wednesday, the same day that the game was removed from Steam and its real-money currency disabled. The team’s announcement follows:

There is an important announcement we have to make today in regards to the future of Elyon in the European and North American regions. It has almost been a year since Elyon first launched back in late October of 2021, and over the months we have had the opportunity to meet and engage with some exceptionally passionate players. We couldn’t be more grateful for the continued support you have shown us.

We know that many of you are excited for the new class “Soulbringer” that is available as of today – nonetheless, we would like to set the correct expectations and bring you the unfortunate news upfront.

Kakao Games Europe, following lengthy discussions with the game developer Bluehole Studio Inc., has made the difficult decision to terminate the live service of Elyon in Europe and North America due to the unsustainability of key performance indicators. The very low retention rate from incoming new players in combination with a declining amount of active users has made most content difficult to clear, leading us to the conclusion that we are no longer able to offer you the MMORPG experience we are striving for. For this, we deeply apologize.

The final day of service will be December 7, up until the regular weekly maintenance.

We commit to making this process as transparent as possible, and will try to answer all of your questions in a satisfactory manner.

Bluehole Announcement – September 7, 2022

The post contains a brief FAQ confirming that players are not able to transition their in-game characters and content to a different region where the game will remain active. Thanks to Jojoman32 for pointing out the news, I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and we’ll have a page up on the site later.