Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King

Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King

Digital ReleaseSteam
October 17, 2018

December 13, 2022
DelistingDecember 08, 2022 – Steam
DeveloperGiant Space Monster
PublisherGiant Space Monster
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Developer Giant Space Monster announced on December 6, 2022 that Immortal Darkness would be removed from sale due to the disbandment of the studio. Immortal Darkness was delisted two days later, on December 8th. Giant Space Monster’s announcement follows:

Greeting Friends and Players!

Giant Space Monster is no more, and we’re no longer able to maintain and update the Immortal Darkness game on Steam. After 4 great years, it is time to retire the game and move on.

What does this mean to you, as a player?

Very little, if you’ve already purchased the game. You will still be able to access and play the game from your Steam library, and all your local game data will be safe. Your achievements will remain, but you won’t be able to earn new ones. Sorry about that. If you don’t own the game, or have it on your wishlist, it will no longer be for sale or accessible to you on Steam.

We really appreciate you buying and playing our game, and supporting independent game development. We owe everything to players like you!

Please visit for all support issues, or questions, along with important updates and news about the game.

Giant Space Monster
(all hail The Giant Space Monster!)

On December 13, 2022, Giant Space Monster re-released the game for free on their website, which remains available as of January 2023.

About the Game

Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler, that blends the best of old school dungeon crawlers with modern graphics, slick combat, and context driven audio. It features challenging real-time tactical combat, a wide variety of spells, and a dark and brooding dungeon full of lethal enemies, sadistic traps, and mind-bending puzzles.

The world of Uuld is under siege by the Vampyr who have destroyed and devoured all but a few remaining strongholds of civilization. The world’s last hope, Shade, an ancient and legendary vampire hunter, has been bitten in the last epic battle on the surface.

You play as Shade now struggling against the vampiric curse, using it to heal yourself but at a terrible price. You must fight your way through a twisted labyrinth of horror and death to finally face the Pale King, lord of all Vampires, before succumbing to the vampiric curse yourself.

Fools Rush In

This is a game that will challenge you to think tactically about every situation. Rushing into a room without a good plan will most likely get you killed very quickly. Control the flow of combat by using spells and potions to slow, stun, confuse, poison, scatter, separate and take out your enemies a few at a time.

The Thirst

As a half-vampire your primary means of healing is drinking the blood of your fallen enemies. Using this ability pushes you closer and closer to full vampire. Use it sparingly or pay the price. There are ways to reduce your build-up of evil, such as potions and holy altars, but they are few and your enemies are many.

Items are Everything

With the exception of your basic melee attack, every spell and ability you will have is based on the items you choose to equip to the 6 slots in your action bar. As you progress through the game and your pack begins to fill with dozens of items, choosing what you equip to your action slots will define everything about how you play and what you can do.

Secrets Within Secrets

Few will find every secret or unlock every puzzle in this centuries old dungeon. Evil has been at work here since ancient antiquity and there is more concealed in this place of eternal gloom than anywhere else in Uuld.

Decisions that Will Shape the Cosmos

There are many factions at play here and who you decide to ally with and who you decide to oppose has the power to dramatically reshape your story and the fate of this world, and possibly many others.