Ikki Online to be delisted on PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 28th

Ikki Online to be delisted on PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 28th

Sunsoft announced on October 28th that Ikki Online  will be removed from sale on PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 28th. The game’s “souvenir” content like wallpapers and screensavers will also be removed on the same day. Offline content will remain available to anyone who buys the game before that date while online play will only last as long as Sony supports online features for PlayStation 3. Sony hasn’t set a date for that yet but Sunsoft apparently wants to get out ahead of things with the reminder.

Thank you for using “Ikki Online”. “Ikki Online” will be discontinued at 11:00 on Monday, November 28, 2022.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who played the game. After the sale ends, customers who purchased the game will be able to play as before. However, online play will not be possible due to the end of PS3 service. Note that the end of PS3 service is undecided. Please check SONY’s announcement.

In addition, we will also stop distributing wallpapers and screensavers on the “Souvenir” page as sales end. Please download it before the end and take it home. There is only a short time left until the end, but we hope you will enjoy online play until the end.

Sunsoft Announcement, October 28, 2022

Although the twelve year old PlayStation 3 game doesn’t seem likely to poach many players, Sunsoft does have a similar online-focused Ikki title in the works for 2022. Ikki Unite appears to expand on what Ikki Online was doing, itself an expansion of Sunsoft’s 1985 arcade and Famicom original, Ikki (aka Boomerang and Farmers Rebellion).

Thanks to Toryanse on the PSProfiles forums and the anonymous reader who submitted their post to the site. I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up on the site later.