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Gravity Core – Braintwisting Space Odyssey

Gravity Core – Braintwisting Space Odyssey

Digital Release:Steam
July 01, 2015
Delisting:June 20, 2017
Developer:Gravity Games UG
Publisher:Gravity Games UG
Available On:None
Links:SteamDB page
Gravity Core homepage [Archive]


Ben from Gravity Games announced on June 17th, 2017 that Gravity Core would soon be removed from sale. The game’s price was set to $0.00 on June 20th. The Steam Store page was later removed as well. Ben’s announcement read:

due to more work than can be handled by any rational means, I had to decide on one of my jobs and will therefore close the company that has been developing Gravity Core. While development and working with a couple of very talented people has always been great fun, the administrative side of things is just too time consuming and therefore, purchasing the game will no longer be possible.

I will keep financing the server for the user management and highscore list and start further developing the game alone in my free time. All future updates will be free and I will try to make sure that those interested can keep playing the game and training their minds.

Thank you all for your support.

About the Game

Gravity Core is an Anti-Casual Braintwisting Space Shooter focusing on combining the direct training of coordinative abilities with the fun of fighting in a modern space shooter accompanied by a psychotic artificial intelligence.

  • 50+ levels
  • Hundreds of different obstacles (some of the complexity of complete levels) and enemies needing different approaches to complete the missions
  • 10+ weapon and defense systems
  • Cockpit mode for gamers who have completed all missions and need a very special challenge
  • Full keyboard/mouse, gamepad, joystick support
  • Support for the Oculus Rift, other VR systems and head-tracking systems like TrackIR
  • A story about pride, hope, betrayal and psychotic episodes of an artificial intelligence who likes to talk about the downside of rodents a lot…
  • Complete voice acting of 1000+ lines of dialogue (in as many languages as possible)

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Thanks to Amon2501 for submitting this game to the site