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Fuse multiplayer shut down June 1st without warning from Electronic Arts

Fuse multiplayer shut down June 1st without warning from Electronic Arts

Players still knocking around in the multiplayer modes of Insomniac Games’ 2013 shooter, Fuse, suddenly found themselves cut off at the beginning of June. Two weeks, and many forum posts later, an EA Community Manager finally responded, revealing that the shutdown was planned for June 1st but was never communicated to players or the public.

Sad news I’m afraid, this has been investigated and unfortunately confirmed to be intentional; the online services for Fuse were discontinued on June 1st of this year for all platforms. We are currently working with our partners to discover why this wasn’t communicated on the Sunset page at this time. 

I do apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

EA_Cade, EA Answers Forum

Whether the shutdown was due to the game’s age or Sony’s 2019 acquisition of Insomniac Games, the unannounced move still violates Electronic Arts’ User Agreement. The company’s terms of service page states that “EA may terminate any EA Service at any time by giving at least thirty days’ notice either via email […] or on the service updates page of EA’s website”. Players caught by surprise after this unannounced shutdown are asking for that final 30 days of game time but should probably be more focused on litigation over the User Agreement issue.

Further response from Electronic Arts on the subject isn’t expected any time soon, and since the game was already shut down it seems very unlikely that it will be back online any quicker. Thanks to DavidMany6 for pointing out this news.