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Frozen Synapse Prime delisted, multiplayer shuts down March 2021

Frozen Synapse Prime delisted, multiplayer shuts down March 2021

Frozen Synapse Prime, the multiplayer-focused off-shoot of the stylish strategy sim, was delisted on Steam on December 3rd. The day before, developer/publisher Double Eleven announced that online multiplayer for the game would be retired in the coming months.

We will be deactivating our Frozen Synapse Prime dedicated servers on 11th March 2021. This means that all Online Modes will be unplayable and will be innaccessible from the Main Menu. You will still be able to enjoy all single-players modes and the game will not be removed from your library to download. We’d just like to thank everyone who has enjoyed Frozen Synapse Prime since it’s release back in 2014.

Double Eleven post

Frozen Synapse Prime was previously delisted on iOS and Android, leaving the PlayStation 3 and Vita as the only platforms where it remains available to buy until March 11th, 2021. English-language store pages for the game have been updated with the following notice:

Frozen Synapse Prime will be unavailable to purchase from the PlayStation Store and dedicated online servers will be shut down from 11th March 2021. All Online Multiplayer will be inaccessible but will still appear in the Main Menu. You will still be able to download the game from your library and enjoy any single-player modes.

The delisting is probably related to licensing of the Frozen Synapse property from its creators at Mode 7 but the operating costs of dedicated servers, which have been sparsely populated since the game launched, likely contributed to the decision. I’ve added the March 2021 deadline to the Watch List calendar and will have a page for the game up tomorrow. Thanks to @MckissickAllen for pointing out the news.