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Everybody’s Golf loses online features and a Trophy on September 30th

Everybody’s Golf loses online features and a Trophy on September 30th

Sony announced early today that online services and multiplayer modes for Everybody’s Golf on PlayStation 4 will be shut down worldwide on September 30th, 2022. Sony Japan provided the detailed statement below (via Google Translate) while the PlayStation Store pages in both North America and Europe have been updated with a brief notice.

Thank you for your continued enjoyment of the PlayStation®4 software “New Everybody’s Golf”. As of September 30, 2022, we have decided to terminate the online service of “New Everybody’s Golf”. We would like to thank all the management teams for enjoying the online play of this game for a long time since the service started on August 31, 2017.

You can continue to enjoy offline gameplay even after the online service ends. See below for more information on modes that prevent you from playing.

“New Everybody’s Golf” service end date and time
Friday, September 30, 2022 (Japan time)

Mode that will not be accessible
* The following functions will not be available after October 1, 2022.

“Open Course” selection
Participation in “National Competition”
Play of “Hall Battle”
Browse the latest “Daily Ranking”
Browse the latest “Copy Ranking”
Partial browsing of “Notice BOX”
Browse some of “Items of the Month”
Browse some of “Last Month’s Items”
Purchase and use of “Warp Medal”
Acquisition of some items related to “fishing”
“Report” to the player
View the latest “profile card” and the latest “number of copies”
Browse a part of “Library”
Acquiring the Platinum Trophy “The Master of All”
Acquisition of Gold Trophy “Fish Picture Book Collector”
Acquired the bronze trophy “Online Debut ☆”

It will be a short time until the end of the service, but please continue to enjoy “New Everybody’s Golf”.

All of the “New Everybody’s Golf” management team

As mentioned above, one PlayStation Trophy will become unobtainable after the services shut down so if you’re after the full set, the clock is now ticking. Thanks to LotsaNintendo for pointing out the news,  I’ve added the deadline to the Watch List calendar.