Emergency 2017

Emergency 2017

Digital Release:Steam
October 15, 2015
Delisting:November 01, 2016
Developer:Sixteen Tons Entertainment
Publisher:Deep Silver
Available On:Retail:
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Sixteen Tons Entertainment’s rescue-based titles have been delisted from Steam as publishing deals have ended. In some cases Sixteen Tons has taken over as the publisher and may eventually bring this title back to the market as well. See the table above for details and availability.

About the Game

EMERGENCY 2017 begins in a historic mini-campaign in Hamburg in the 17th century. The player rescues people from the witch hunt of an angry mob with the city watch.

In modern times, EMERGENCY 2017 is more up-to-date than ever. The threat of international terror is growing everywhere in the area of operation. In exciting and demanding missions, it is about warding off dangers, containing damage and maintaining public order.
In addition to the well-known units a police dog team (with its own vehicle) supports the emergency personnel. It can not only find injured persons, but also detect dangerous bombs.

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