Easily find all Relisted games on the site

When I first launched the site I wasn’t thinking about how to handle a game in the seemingly off-chance coincidence that it ever came back. Fortunately, developers are sometimes able to take over as the publisher of their own games or are able to renegotiate new licensing deals resulting in their delisted titles being re-listed.

Until now I’ve been updating each game’s title to include the text “RELISTED” (which you can always search for) but thanks to a request from @Bogdan9652 on Twitter there is now an official Relisted Games page on the site. I’m usually so heads-down on research that I didn’t think to make the page myself, so thanks to Bogdan for the great suggestion.

You can find the new page here or simply look under the Games menu at the top of the site. Like most other pages, you can view the full list or select your desired platform to narrow it down. One quick FYI: we are not accepting submissions for games that have ever been relisted. I’d love to offer a complete history of every game as it has come and gone but for now I’m only fielding those games that are currently delisted or are going away soon.