Digital Release:Steam
December 17, 2013
Delisting:July 23, 2018
Developer:Memetic Games
Publisher:Missing Link Games
Available On:Digital:
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Nintendo DS (original release)
Links:SteamDB page
Infinitizmo homepage


Dementium II HD was delisted from Steam on July 23rd, 2018. This is the date when its price was set to $0.00 making it impossible to buy, though its Steam Store page remains accessible. It is possible the game was removed ahead of a new remastered edition that Infinitizmo has been promising off and on since 2016.

Infinitizmo was launched in 2016 after the founders of Renegade Kid chose to shut down the studio and launch independent ventures. Dementium II HD was available for two years after the split so its delisting doesn’t appear to be linked to the end of Renegade Kid.


About the Game

  • Experience the award winning cult favorite like never before with completely updated visuals, lighting and controls for the PC and Mac – Same Bones, New Flesh.
  • Classic gameplay that balances the Action, Story and Puzzle elements into an unforgettable horror experience.
  • Fight through unique enemies that require different strategies to defeat the nightmares, or to simply survive.
  • Twisted storyline that keeps you guessing throughout the entire game.


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