Delisted Games is getting a makeover

Usually when a site announces a dramatic visual makeover it’s a surprise to the readers but something that’s been in the works for months behind the scenes. Not in our case! I found out just a few days ago after a major WordPress update that the site’s meager theme isn’t so cutting edge anymore.

It’s possible that I can just update the theme and work around its inadequacies, but I thought I’d take this time to look into a major overhaul that will hopefully improve the looks, speed, and functionality of the site. You can see a work-in-progress shot above. I’d already spent considerable time tweaking a different theme before losing hope that it would ever come together like I had pictured.

Fortunately, the current theme has been a breeze to customize and I’m already down to the persnickety level of personal details that probably no one will notice anyways. It isn’t perfect yet and it isn’t finished but I wanted to post about it and explain that, for a little while longer, my energy is going to be focused on the redesign over research.

I do have posts scheduled out into November so you’ll still see new (old) game pages published at least every other day. And if any delisting dates get announced I’ll try to get the word out as soon as I can. But for the most part I’m heads-down on designing what will hopefully be a shinier and more FUNctional future for Delisted Games.

In the meantime, please keep submitting games to the site and let me know what you think about the new look.